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Octodad is one of those games that you can’t be good at. No matter how hard you try. Octodad is student-made by a team of 19 from DePaul University for the Independent Games Festival as an entry, it’s free to download for PC, and it’s possibly the (best) weirdest game I have played this year on both a conceptual and mechanical level.

To put it simply, Octodad is a game full of destruction, deception, and fatherhood, where an octopus (that’s you) has managed to convince his family, and supposedly, society at large, that he is just a normal guy in a rather dapper suit. A lot of the indie game appeal are the controls. Every leg and arm movement is controlled entirely by your mouse movement. These controls are intentionally difficult and lacks the precision a normal human has. Octodad has no fingers nor opposable thumbs, thus causing every object he meets into a frenzy, leaving you in a tangle with your own limbs.

If the controls didn’t frustrate you enough, you are also forced to wrestle with an uncooperative camera. The camera can be shifted to the left and right manually, but due to your erratic movements and the tight level design, the camera angle can suddenly shift, having Octodad covering up most of the screen (as well as go through you!). Coupled with an awkward lock-on that automatically places your arm… tentacle to the nearest object, grabbing stuff is less enjoyable next to the simple joy of knocking over furnishings.

To add challenge to the game (like it isn’t challenging enough), there is a Suspicion meter. Acting less like a human and more like the real octopus you are, will drain the meter until the jig of being the caring husband and father is up. The Suspicion meter puts pressure on you to put on a decent and convincing act.

The unique gameplay, visuals, and sound effects presented in this indie title is light hearted but funny humor is truly different to anything I have ever played. Although Octodad has its bugs, the overall experience of being an octopus disguised as the family of four is a concept hard to hate and not to laugh at.  The game is rather short, but do not fret! Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be out shortly… For anyone with an hour or two to spare, I totally recommend this game!


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That damn badger.

Hey guys!

Yesterday I played Enviro-Bear 2000 Operation Hibernation. You just know it’s going to be a good name by the way how the title just rolls of your tongue. The point of this game is that you’re a bear and for some reason you’re driving around in a car collecting berries and fish to fatten up for hibernation in the winter. Why you have a car? I’m not too sure; presuming the bear just stole it from some unfortunate person. I know I wouldn’t want to mess with a bear. You can pull on the accelerator, brake, steer, and pull into drive and reverse to tear around and try to collect as much food as you can within a certain time limit. You have to watch out for the other bears too, who also have their own cars.

As you drive into trees, loads of pine cones and leaves will be deposited and smashing into boulders will result in large chunks of rocks come flying down. Be sure to constantly clean your car because it can obscure your vision and make you swerve into boulders and trees like a psycho, as well as obstruct your ability to reach parts of your car. Badgers can suddenly fly into your car and eat all your fish, as well as bees flying into your face making you roar with anger. A clock and a fuel gauge will give you all the information you’ll need. The clock counts down your time limit, and the fuel gauge tells you how much more you need to eat before “HIBERNATE” starts to flash on your screen. There are multiple caves in the distance (which strangely look like tunnels) that you can drive into and hibernate when the time comes. Remember you are not a winter bear, so make sure you make it within the time limit. After the end of every round, you are given new obstacles to overcome, such as a shorter time limit, only being able to eat berries because of overfishing, and even an overgrown forest thrown at you. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the game, it can be very stressful because it’s all about survival. Survival in the wilderness is hard work, even if you do have a car. But bears don’t have cars.

The graphics aren’t great, but it’s good enough for what it is. The game itself is pretty comical, so the graphics actually reinforce the silliness and sell the concept. You have one looped tune throughout the game but I’m pleased to say that it is very catchy. But the game has a serious issue on detecting collisions where it’ll let you drive straight through mountains and occasionally large rocks. Although it’s low on the graphics side, it’s high on the entertainment side. This game will certainly get you playing for longer than you’d like. I’d like to say that I’m pretty good at this game, but I honestly don’t think anyone can be good at this game.

This game is free for Windows so go ahead and download it and try it out yourself.



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This last post on Fiona the Human will show you how to make the shirt and skirt.

1. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7
Lay out your dark blue t-shirt inside out and find a high waisted pencil skirt as your pattern to pin to your fabric.

2. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#1
Cut it out leaving a 1 cm seam allowance and pin the right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

3. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#6
Try on the skirt. It should be longer than necessary for which I purposely used a high waisted skirt as my pattern. The top part will be cut and will become your waist band.

4. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#7
Fold the top band wrong sides together (you will end up with an fold side and raw side)
http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#8 and pin the raw side of the band to the skirt right sides together. It will look like this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#9
Straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

5. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#2
Find a t-shirt that fits you and pin it to the wrong side of your light blue t-shirt. Make sure the sleeves are folded up before you cut leaving a 1 cm seam allowance.

6. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#3
Pin the sides right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes. Remember to not sew up the arm holes!

7. http://imgur.com/c6Bbx
Let’s make the sleeve pattern. Take the t-shirt you used as a pattern and copy down the curves of the sleeve. The red line will be along the fold of the newspaper.
Trace out the sleeve and cut it. You will now have a pattern that looks like this when opened up. http://imgur.com/HV8FT
That’s just the first part! Next you want to take that opened pattern and lay it on top of another sheet of newspaper and follow these instructions: http://imgur.com/7EWFd

8. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#4
Take your sleeve pattern and fold it in half lengthwise and pin it to the fold of your light blue t-shirt (I suggest lowering the pattern towards the hem of the shirt. That way you don’t have to hem the sleeves later on). Do this to both sides of the t-shirt, cut leaving a 1 cm seam allowance, and you’ll end up with two sleeves.

9. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#5
Pin the edges right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

10. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#10
Turn both your sleeves inside out so the right sides are on the outside and shove them right sides together into your arm holes.
Pin around the edges and you’ll get something that looks like this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#11
Make sure the seams match up and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes for both your sleeves..

After all those tedious steps, you’ll end up with this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#12

11. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#13
Now all you have to do is pin and hem the bottom of the shirt and sleeves. All you need now is some white knee high socks and YOUR’E DONE!!!


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This post will show you how to make the hat. The pattern I used is this: http://archives.frederatorblogs.com/adventure_time/files/2010/03/finn-hat.pdf

Print out the pattern and modify it (the ears for Finn is 3.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide).
Pin the pattern to your folded fabric where your head piece will be pinned and cut on the fold as seen in the picture.
These measurements are the ones I used and it’s about a size small in hats. If you have a larger head, go ahead and add an inch or two.
The ears will have to be traced twice giving you a total of 4 ear pieces.

After cutting, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance, it’ll look like this. http://imgur.com/cEeSc,u4zh6,kBrTG,jQAIT,4Q4ji,XDoSV,oYxjW,aosx4,Q0ZXi#5
You”ll get one head piece, 2 circle pieces, and 4 ear pieces. If you want to line the hat, cut out another head piece.

2. http://imgur.com/cEeSc,u4zh6,kBrTG,jQAIT,4Q4ji,XDoSV,oYxjW,aosx4,Q0ZXi#6
Pin your head piece right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

Pin your circle piece to the  top right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

After all that sewing it’ll look like this. http://imgur.com/cEeSc,u4zh6,kBrTG,jQAIT,4Q4ji,XDoSV,oYxjW,aosx4,Q0ZXi#8

Remember what you did with the backpack straps? Cutting slits and sewing a straight stitch along the back? You’ll be doing the same with the ears to the right side of the hat. Go ahead and stuff your ears with cotton or excess fabric and wires if you’d like them to stand before sewing them on. You will end up with this. http://imgur.com/cEeSc,u4zh6,kBrTG,jQAIT,4Q4ji,XDoSV,oYxjW,aosx4,Q0ZXi#0

If you are happy with it, you’re finished! If you want to line it continue reading.

4. You will need another head piece and a circle for the lining (you already have a circle. if you don’t have another head piece, go ahead and cut one out (remember to cut it on the fold!). All you have to do is repeat steps 2 and 3.

Flip your first hat inside out (the one with the ears) where the ears are on the inside and pin your two hats right sides together (shove your second hat right side into your ear hat).
Sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes leaving a 4 to 5 inch hole to flip the hat inside out.

You will end up with this by now. http://imgur.com/cEeSc,u4zh6,kBrTG,jQAIT,4Q4ji,XDoSV,oYxjW,aosx4,Q0ZXi#2

Hand sew the hole closed.

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