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I’ll be showing you how to make a Fiona the Human cosplay as my third blog post! (Guys if you want to be Finn the Human, simply buy a light blue t-shirt from Michaels and wear dark blue shorts. Follow part two to make your own hat!) It’s going to be my Halloween costume so I thought, might as well kill two birds with one stone by writing a blog post about the process! Some background of the character. This cosplay is a really easy costume for beginners because her outfit is really simple. Fiona the Human is the gender swapped version of Finn the Human from Adventure Time. She currently only has one episode, but Pendleton (the creator) does plan on making more with her.

First off, gather all your fabrics.
A: Large dark blue t-shirt.
B: Two light blue t-shirts (one large and one size that fits you).
A and B will become your skirt and top. Buying pre-made t-shirts to cut out your pattern from is a lot easier to do because you won’t need to sew a neckline (which is really complicated)
C: Light green fleece (1 meter).
D: Dark green fleece (1 meter).
E: White fleece (1 meter).
C, D, and E will become your backpack.
I bought the t-shirts at Michaels and the fabric at Fabricana.

Materials you’ll need:
A, B, C, D: Sewing machine, White thread, Blue thread, Green thread with their corresponding coloured bobbins.
E, F, G: Tracing marker (or any writing utensil), Seam ripper, Fabric scissors.
H, I: Floral wire, adhesive velcro dots (optional for your hat), and a big lack button (on the backpack).
J, K: Measuring tape, Pins and needles.

We’ll start off with making the backpack

1. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#13
Let’s make your pattern by first folding your fabric in half right sides together. By doing this, you’ll end up with two pieces each when cut out.
To make pattern piece C cut out a 12in wide by 8in long rectangle.
To make pattern piece D cut out a 4in wide by 25in long strip. These two patterns will both be pinned to your light green fleece.
To make pattern piece A cut out a 12in wide by 10in long rectangle.
To make pattern piece B cut out a 4in wide by 25in long strip. These two will both be pinned to your dark green fabric.
Cut them out leaving a 1cm seam allowance. 

After cutting all your pieces. You’ll end up with this. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#14

2. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#15
Round the corners of all your rectangles leaving the two top as corners.
Pin your light and dark green fleece pieces together, right sides together and sew a straight stitch across which is indicated by the yellow dashes in the picture.
Remember to do this for all 4 rectangles, one will be your front and the other will be the back. 

3. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#0
Take your long light and dark green strips and pin right sides along the edges with one of your now large circular rectangle.
Make sure the colours match up! Sew a straight stitch along the blue dashes when you line your colours up and then sew along the yellow dashes. 

After all that you’ll end up with this. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#1

4. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#2
These two pieces that are pinned together are from your second pieces of D and B.
D and B will be biased to your own measurements which will turn out to be your 2 straps so measure how long you want your straps to be and divide by 2.
After figuring that all out, pin right sides together and straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

5. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#3
Fold your two pieces lengthwise right sides together and pin and straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

After flipping it inside out, it should look like this. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#4

6. http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#5
Take your second circular rectangle (this will be the back of your backpack where your straps will be sewn to) and measure out where your straps will go.
Cut out some slits and make sure you always cut small. You can always cut bigger, but you can never uncut.
Shove your straps into your holes on the right side of the fabric with the folds of the straps facing down.
Flip your circular rectangle over and straight stitch along the yellow dashes and remember to do the same to the bottom of the straps.

You’ll end up with this! http://imgur.com/ak4Wc,QjBrv,WdBLy,Gwl5p,13QIJ,3lBGE,XDPji,1McCy,9L1Ss,n9s7c,nUiF5,H5tW6,gQBYN,FC84b,3Pv6l,y598D#7

Pin your back circular rectangle (the one with the straps) right sides together with your front piece and straight stitch along the yellow dashes.
Make sure to leave a 4 or 5 inch opening when you sew so you can flip the whole thing inside out.

Sew a big black button to your backpack and stuff it.

The hole where I flipped it inside out is on the bottom of the bag. I used safety pins to close it up because I want to add a zipper later on. If you don’t, go ahead and hand sew the hole shut.


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