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This last post on Fiona the Human will show you how to make the shirt and skirt.

1. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7
Lay out your dark blue t-shirt inside out and find a high waisted pencil skirt as your pattern to pin to your fabric.

2. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#1
Cut it out leaving a 1 cm seam allowance and pin the right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

3. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#6
Try on the skirt. It should be longer than necessary for which I purposely used a high waisted skirt as my pattern. The top part will be cut and will become your waist band.

4. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#7
Fold the top band wrong sides together (you will end up with an fold side and raw side)
http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#8 and pin the raw side of the band to the skirt right sides together. It will look like this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#9
Straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

5. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#2
Find a t-shirt that fits you and pin it to the wrong side of your light blue t-shirt. Make sure the sleeves are folded up before you cut leaving a 1 cm seam allowance.

6. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#3
Pin the sides right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes. Remember to not sew up the arm holes!

7. http://imgur.com/c6Bbx
Let’s make the sleeve pattern. Take the t-shirt you used as a pattern and copy down the curves of the sleeve. The red line will be along the fold of the newspaper.
Trace out the sleeve and cut it. You will now have a pattern that looks like this when opened up. http://imgur.com/HV8FT
That’s just the first part! Next you want to take that opened pattern and lay it on top of another sheet of newspaper and follow these instructions: http://imgur.com/7EWFd

8. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#4
Take your sleeve pattern and fold it in half lengthwise and pin it to the fold of your light blue t-shirt (I suggest lowering the pattern towards the hem of the shirt. That way you don’t have to hem the sleeves later on). Do this to both sides of the t-shirt, cut leaving a 1 cm seam allowance, and you’ll end up with two sleeves.

9. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#5
Pin the edges right sides together and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes.

10. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#10
Turn both your sleeves inside out so the right sides are on the outside and shove them right sides together into your arm holes.
Pin around the edges and you’ll get something that looks like this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#11
Make sure the seams match up and sew a straight stitch along the yellow dashes for both your sleeves..

After all those tedious steps, you’ll end up with this. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#12

11. http://imgur.com/Tsh7P,G77S5,yJ3bY,Lyf3p,J3Ftb,sdCed,ezqeV,BtRwo,Eu83T,mwYW0,YGzRm,emrwf,aKcMa,551o7#13
Now all you have to do is pin and hem the bottom of the shirt and sleeves. All you need now is some white knee high socks and YOUR’E DONE!!!



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